Zumba became the latest fitness craze to sweep the UK almost ten years ago.

I remember tentatively stepping foot inside a school hall for my first class in May 2011. I’ve never looked back. Here’s seven reasons to love Zumba!

  1. It’s fun

From my very first class to my most recent (online via zoom because of this pandemic), I always have a smile on my face while I am doing Zumba. I’ve not experienced another exercise quite like it. This is probably why the ‘craze’ hasn’t shown any signs of settling down just yet.

  • It burns calories

According to my Fitbit, most sessions I burn around 500 calories. It doesn’t make it the most intense of workouts, for sure, but it does burn plenty more calories than sitting round on the sofa watching TV would. 

  • It’s social

I have met so many of my closest friends through Zumba classes. Everyone (well… the vast majority anyway!) is so friendly and it’s lovely catching up with people on a regular basis. No one cares that you are dripping with sweat and a little on the smelly side.

  • It’s reasonably priced

Most classes cost around £5. That is really reasonable considering the amount you gain from it. I don’t begrudge that price at all and feel it’s well worth the money. 

  • There are several different types

Although Zumba fitness and Zumba gold are the most commonly held classes, there are also other types to choose from. Zumba strong seems to be forging a name for itself right now, with a focus on strength as well as cardio. Zumba tonight also appears to be fun.

  • It doesn’t matter if you can’t do all the moves

It absolutely does not matter if you have an ‘accidental solo’ in a track and do your own choreo. No one cares in the slightest. Everyone makes mistakes and it is an inclusive environment, meaning you can adapt moves to suit your own style anyway. In fact, the best instructors show more than one option allowing those who want to take it up or down a notch to do so. 

  • It doesn’t feel like exercise

I’ve never attended a fitness class before where I look at my watch and think, “Oh no… there’s only five minutes to go!” It was more common to think, “Oh no… another five minutes to go! Seriously, I just want to go home!” Zumba, despite being sweaty and tiring, simply does not feel like exercise; it isn’t a chore. This is perhaps why so many people choose it as a regular form of fitness class. Though really, there is absolutely nothing else regular about Zumba.