Both us adults in our household are runners. I’ve been running for years, on and off.

We have a genuine love-hate relationship. My partner started running when his personal life took a nose-dive. He, however, loves running and is good at it. I can’t say the same about me! Why run? Here are seven reasons for you.

  1. Endorphins

Endorphins are feel-good chemicals. They occur naturally and can last for a while after finishing exercise. Most of the time, I’m not too fond of the actual running, but I love how good I feel afterwards. Does anyone else feel like that? When I was suffering from terrible anxiety and depression, I laced up my running shoes and just left the house. I didn’t know where I was going or how long I would be, but when I returned, those endorphins hit me, and I felt a pang of happiness which I hadn’t felt for a while. 

  1. Fitness

Running is an excellent form of exercise to help improve your fitness. It can help to improve your strength, stamina and your overall health. No one likes to feel unfit, and this is just one way to combat these feelings. It can also help you to lose weight or tone up areas that are a little flabby. 

  1. Versatility

No two runs need to be the same. You do not simply have to leg it and run at break-neck speed to classify it as a run. Do whatever you feel like. Incorporate intervals if you like – so sprint between lampposts and then do a little jog or side steps or even a walk to regain your breath. Start to spring once you hit the next lamppost. 

  1. Socialising

If you want to, you can use running to meet other likeminded people. Running clubs are a fantastic way to socialise with others who have common goals and similar interests to you. You can run with others and improve your technique, speed and stamina at the same time. Parkrun is a free event held weekly (not currently!) on Saturday mornings at 9am in various locations around the world. Before the run director’s briefing, it is common to get chatting to the other runners around you. Such an easy way to make friends!

  1. Alone time

For some, running isn’t about the social aspect. In fact, it is the complete opposite. Heading out for a run allows many people, my partner included, the opportunity for some alone time, some headspace. It allows you to clear your mind and focus on your stride and your breathing rather than everything else that is going on in your life. 

  1. Travel

Entering races gives you a valid opportunity to travel to other places around the country or even the world. The Loch Ness marathon really appeals to us (I would be spectating!), but the idea of being able to see a different part of the stunning Scottish scenery would be an added bonus. 

  1. Run bling

With races come medals and t-shirts. The medals, in particular, definitely interest me. I love to look back through my collection and think about how I managed to run that day, what else was happening in my life, and ultimately, how cool the medal looks. I have so many memories linked to running races!

In fact, there are endless reasons why running can be a great hobby. If you are starting out, be sure to invest in a decent pair of trainers above everything else (oh and a supportive sports bra if you’re female!). We’d love to know about your running journey – so, get in touch!