For some of us, parenting can be an incredibly lonely journey.

I’d hazard a guess that for every single one of us, in some way, it hasn’t gone how we expected and hoped that it would. As I’ve said before, I adore reading and so listening to other people’s tales of tantrums or recounts of rant-filled restaurant visits make me feel safer, make me feel a little less abnormal as a parent. Of course, these blogs are about much more than just parenting fails. They are well-written, personal accounts of life. Enjoy!

  1. Paternal Damnation

There are very few blogs that make me giggle uncontrollably and also reflect upon many things at the same time. Robbie manages to do that with his witty writing style. A blogging father makes a change from the norm and shows parenting from a totally different perspective. His blog is certainly worth a read… and regular return visits. 

  1. Not Another Mum Group

Dean and Rebecca, first time parents to Teddy, bring this fantastic parent-focused blog aiming to allow parents to connect to one another, businesses and events. With a range of posts including guest blogs and ads, this certainly seems to have all bases covered. Whether you are looking to read reviews of the latest toy releases or you are wondering about people’s experiences of giving birth in a NICU, you can find it here.  

  1. Mum’s Mad Hoose

Mum’s Mad Hoose is a very new blog, but I was taken by the raw honesty of the posts that Chanelle has published on it. She was a teen mum to her eldest child, now 11, and reading what she endured during the pregnancy and in the first year of her life really had an impact on me. Definitely one to keep an eye on – I’m looking forward to reading more in the future on this blog

  1. The Ramblings of Lottie

One of Charlotte’s passions is writing. This combined with motherhood, as well as life in general, makes her blog an interesting read. I loved reading all about her date nights during lockdown – an important part of parenting is making time to be a partner as well as a parent. Lottie seems to have this sorted. Check out her site for more inspiring posts. 

  1. Happy Family Hub

First time mum Emma shares a whole host of adventures on her blog. From family fun to maintaining her identity beyond parenthood, she writes straight from the heart. With poignant posts, such as her brain tumour diagnosis and subsequent updates, this is more than your usual parenting blog. However, the expected activity ideas, product reviews and parenting hacks are there too. This website is a must-visit one.  

  1. My Balancing Act

This website is primarily aimed at working parents. Rowena shares her practical advice for those trying to balance work and home life, as the blog name suggests. What’s more, she also provides superb suggestions for family travel and adventures. Her Working from Home with Kids post is essential for so many of us right now. Head over to her website to find out more. 

  1. Tales from Mamaville

The so-called public diary of a first-time mum, Tales from Mamaville offers honest dialogues about the trials and tribulations of motherhood and toddlerhood. Nicole writes in such an engaging way that you desperately need to find out more about her unexpected fun on a glamping trip with friends or her baking for beginners’ tips. This is one blog you will be sure to revisit on a regular basis.