A rainy day can be annoying but to be expected when you live in the U.K. However, finding things to do with kids can be a challenge as they are easily bored, so accustomed to having constant access to tech.

In this article, we share seven ideas that could help you out of a rainy day rut. Fingers crossed there will be no more cries about being bored any time soon!

  1. Dominoes

When you mention the idea of dominoes, make it clear that you are talking about the game, not the chain of pizza takeaways as you may be facing seriously disappointed children who are already annoyed about the horrid weather. Dominoes is a game that is perfect for all ages. From young children who are learning the different arrangements of the dots to work out what number they represent to older ones who are learning tactics, such as placing a domino to ensure that each end shows the same number. This increases the chance of someone having to ‘knock’ because they can’t go. We played this game a lot on holiday in our caravan in rainy Scotland. Lots of laughter!

2. Card games

A deck of playing cards is a versatile thing. We always keep one with us, just in case. Perfect for just one person or for a pair or small group. From simple Snap to solitary Patience (or solitaire), from Pig to Knockout Whist, you can go from one to another without a hint of boredom.

3. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt might sound as though it needs a lot of preparation, but actually, it doesn’t. You could hand each of the children a piece of paper and ask them to write the letters A to Z down the side and find a corresponding item for each. Alternatively, you could give a criterion, such as “something the colour yellow” and send the players off to find something. The first one back each time could get 10 points and every other successful player 5 points, for example. This game is potentially neverending.

4. Pictionary

Pictionary is one of our all-time favourite games and is especially welcome on a rainy day. However, we don’t have the game. Instead, we rely on either words written on pieces of paper that people pick at random or using a random Pictionary word generator (this is our go-to method). Using a large whiteboard or an old roll of wallpaper that will just go to the tip otherwise, we take it in turns to generate a word, draw it and then everyone else has to guess. This is brilliant for all ages and all abilities of drawing. In fact, if you have really young children, you could play in teams instead, involving them in the guessing.

5. Baking

Baking is such a fun activity to do with children, whatever their ages. In fact, it is perfect for a rainy day as you don’t feel like you’re missing out on the sunshine while you’re in the kitchen. Whether you bake something savoury, such as sausage rolls, or something to satisfy a sweet tooth, like cupcakes or biscuits, the resulting items are sure to be a hit. Don’t forget to keep the eggshells as they can be upcycled for use in the garden. Perhaps, you could have an indoor picnic with the goodies, too.

6. Spaghetti and Marshmallow Challenge

Working together is often something that children struggle to do. However, with a challenge like this one, it can come more easily and teamwork is definitely a skill you wish your kiss to develop. Give them a bag of marshmallows (they can eat them at the end if they succeed – nothing like a bit of motivation AKA bribery) and a packet of dried spaghetti. Give them a target of building a structure that is a certain height. They should attach the bits of spaghetti to one another using the marshmallows. It’s a great STEM activity, so educational as well.

7. Disco

Who doesn’t love a disco? Get dressed in your sparkliest clothes and choose some music that is bound to make you all move, and there you have it. Close the curtains, add some disco lights if you have them, and get boogying. We also like wearing festival glitter and playing party games, such as musical statues. Who’s to say that you can only have them at special occasions? I’m sure you’ll end up seeing their favourite dance or gymnastics moves, too. Getting all that energy out will be helpful for later on in the day, too.

So, there you have seven ideas that may well help you out one day. I wonder which your favourite is.