When it comes to taking children onto aeroplanes, preventing them from getting bored is a must. Being on a plane with a whinging child is far from fun, for the parents as well as the rest of the passengers and staff.

While babies and toddlers tend to cry loudly, older ones might escape from their seats and run up and down the aisle, annoying everyone around them. This is not a part of parenting that anyone enjoys. A little bit of planning before your plane journey, not whilst waiting at the airport, can help to prevent such a nightmare from coming true.

If you have an upcoming trip planned that involves a plane journey, such as a holiday abroad, consider the following seven ideas.

  1. Card Games

When it comes to older children, packing a deck of playing cards can be a great choice to stop the moans about being bored. There are so many games that could be played using them, from solo ones to pairs. Favourite card games in our family include Solitaire, Old Maid, 21 and 500 Rummy, consider bringing a deck of playing cards. Before you go, practise playing these games to ensure there are no arguments about the rules mid-flight. Other card games like UNO and Top Trumps are great options, too. For older children who adore toilet humour, Kids Against Maturity is a fantastic choice.

  1. Pocket Versions

Pocket versions of favourite board games are such a great investment. They are compact, so don’t take up much room in the all-important hand luggage. Additionally, these versions are usually magnetic, so the pieces are much harder to lose.

  1. Drawing

When I say drawing, I don’t mean the messy kind that risks that solo traveller turning from monochrome to multicoloured! That would not be a great choice for stopping your child from being bored when on a plane. However, there are plenty of options that are much easier. The mess-free colouring sets you can buy are fantastic. Etch-a-Sketch and Magna Doodle are brilliant retro options as well.

  1. Reading

While games are great, sometimes a bit of downtime will be necessary, especially on a long flight. Take a selection of your children’s favourite books along with you. If you can get a collection book, where there are several stories in one, this would be your best choice as it will likely take up less space.

  1. Storytelling

Do you remember the times in school when you would take turns telling parts of a story? Everyone would have the chance to tell part of the story before passing on to someone else for them to do the next part.

  1. Alphabet Games

For children who knows their ABCs, alphabet games are a great addition to your list of plane games. Choose a category, such as foods or things you might see in an airport, then work your way through the alphabet, such as apple, banana, cherry, doughnut, egg and so on. To add an extra element of challenge, do it as a memory game.

  1. I Spy Books

Where’s Wally? is a classic, but there are now many other versions including unicorns, llamas, Mickey Mouse (and friends) and many more. Taking a book like that along could provide hours of entertainment.

Just a little time and effort spent planning could really make your life a lot easier and the flight will be a breeze (for you, your children and your fellow passengers). Have a wonderful holiday!