Perhaps, I’m biased as it is my home county. However, I really do feel as though there are tonnes of great reasons why people should visit North Yorkshire.

Along with the Lake District, North Yorkshire is certainly a hot spot for tourists – all year round. Here are seven top reasons to visit North Yorkshire – just make sure you leave yourself at least a couple of days (preferably more!) as there’s so much to see.

1. Brimham Rocks

Brimham Rocks was always one of my favourite places to visit in North Yorkshire when I was a child. Unfortunately, I’ve not been back since, but I am hoping to go sometime soon. Managed by the National Trust, Brimham Rocks is a stunning collection of natural rock formations that if you tilt your head, squint and argue with your friends and family, you can see all sorts of stories hidden in them.

2. Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal

I feel as though we are advertising for the National Trust at the moment as Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal are looked after by them too… but they really are worth a visit if you find yourself in North Yorkshire. There is so much space here that you can simply take in the spectacular scenery as you walk around or you could soak up the history, spending time in the cloisters of the abbey.

3. Whitby

I’m cheating a bit with this one as I’m saying Whitby as a whole rather than the individual attractions because otherwise, this list could run well into double figures. Whether you’d like to check out Bram Stoker’s inspiration by visiting the abbey or you’re keen to enjoy the beautiful beach, Whitby really does have something to offer everyone who visits North Yorkshire.

4. The White Horse (Kilburn)

As a child, I always wondered just how someone had managed to create the stunning masterpiece on the side of a hill (it was actually a headteacher and his pupils who made it in 1857). Now, whenever I drag someone else to visit North Yorkshire, I always show them the White Horse at Kilburn. It might sound more like a pub, but this geoglyph offers way more excitement.

5. York

Ok, so another cheat… but like Whitby, York has a wealth of things to offer anyone who visits North Yorkshire, adults and kids alike. York Minster with its stunning gothic architecture, two bell towers and gorgeous stained glass is a must-see. Try walking the city walls on both sides of the river Ouse for a unique experience. The Shambles are also well worth a stroll down as you will see the inspiration for Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley. The Yorvik Centre is a great museum as is the railway one, so it could make the perfect location for a home education trip as well as part of a holiday.

6. North Yorkshire Moors Railway

Running through the North Yorkshire Moors national park, the railway offers the opportunity to board a steam or diesel locomotive and see the beauty of the moors as you travel from place to place. It’s a real treat and easy to see why it’s one of the greatest railways in the world and something that many people who visit North Yorkshire take the time to experience.

7. Thornton-le-Dale

If you’ve ever dreamt of visiting somewhere perfect to go on a chocolate box, then this is the place for you. Thornton-le-Dale is one of the most attractive villages in the country. Perfect for a quick stroll alongside its stream and to check out the thatched cottages, this village is well worth a visit while you’re in North Yorkshire.

So, those are seven reasons to visit North Yorkshire, but there are countless more. Whether it’s sunny or gloomy, dry or wet, there is a wealth of places to see. I guarantee you will love your time there.