Travelling is a challenge right now because of ongoing pandemic-related restrictions. Unless you fancy visiting the beautiful County Durham town of Barnard Castle to test your own sight, of course, which can be accessed whenever.

However, being forced (and rightfully so!) to stay at home rather than jetting off, or even going camping, does not mean that we cannot dream. Oh to be whisked away to a glorious remote island right now with cocktails aplenty… I’m getting carried away, dreaming about travelling now! I bring you seven of the best travel blogs I’ve come across. Enjoy reading and planning your post-lockdown adventures whether it’s a family holiday or a romantic couples break.

  1. The Wandering Vegetable

Born in Rajasthan and raised in Hyderabad, Vaibhav adores travelling and has ploughed that passion into his writing. His blog focuses on sharing the amazing things he has done while seeing the world. You should definitely check out his blog posts and marvel at the accompanying images.

  1. Our Wayfaring Life

Ever wondered how to travel around Australia on a budget? Emma and her husband (and not forgetting their dog!) are doing just that right now… in a caravan. This blog is a fantastic wealth of information offering advice and experiences of spending as little as possible while not missing out on the amazing sights all over Oz. 

  1. Twins and Travels

Is there ever an age at which it is too young to travel? Anna doesn’t believe so. She and her young family have been visiting different countries since the twins were just 1, but they holidayed within the UK prior to that. In fact, they were just ten weeks old when they had a little jaunt to Oxford as part of their filming for Bridget Jones’ Baby. How wonderful! If the thought of travelling with children scares you, have a read of Anna’s blog posts and she will definitely show you how possible it is. 

  1. Keene on Travel

Another travel fanatic, Rebecca shares tales of her trips around the UK and abroad. It’s a great down-to-earth blog featuring places within most people’s reach including Hull (I’ve spent a lot of time there, so appreciate its edgy beauty, but others might wonder!). Rebecca, like many of us, has been daydreaming about her dream locations for the future. Check out her musings over at her website.  

  1. Travel Bugs

Mum-of-three, Clare, describes herself as travel-mad. This is a relatively new blog, but that doesn’t stop her enthusiasm for travel from shining through. Clare believes that all locations shared on her website are ones that will genuinely appeal to families, and she certainly seems to have a lovely variety so far. Check out her blog for help if you are hoping to holiday with your children in the near future. 

  1. Cruise Mummy

Not only is Jenni obsessed with going on cruises, but she is also fantasising daily about them too (it’s ok; it’s part of her work!). Since her first cruise, for her honeymoon in 2013, she has been in love with this method of holidaying. With posts about a variety of providers and destinations, Jenni’s website is an excellent start for anyone seeking to cruise with their family. 

  1. The Silver Nomad

Last, but not least, meet Larch, the Silver Nomad. Her website is full of tales of travel once the nest has become empty. She describes herself as a real woman and her posts are awe-inspiring. Larch goes way above and beyond the standard travel articles that I’m finding it hard to put into words why I love this blog so much – you really must go and read it for yourself.