For some, the idea of a baby shower is somewhat OTT and a modern phenomenon. However, they have actually been happening for a long time. Like most other types of celebrations, they have changed significantly over the years.

Here are seven tips to help you plan a baby shower.

  1. Consider the culture of the parents
    When it comes to organising any kind of celebration, it is vital to take into account the culture of the people celebrating in order to ensure that no faux-pas are made.
  2. Consider the needs of the parents
    When it comes to gifts, most parents end up receiving duplicates. Perhaps, a gift registry would be an idea if the celebration is going to be a big one. However, if this is not the case, try asking for neutral items that parents will need a lot of, such as baby vests and bibs. If the gender of the baby is known, more gifts, like outfits and teddies, could be given. Do bear in mind that some families will not buy into the idea of clothes, toys and soft toys being gender-specific.
  3. Consider the timing
    When organising a baby shower on behalf of a family, it is vital to speak to them and decide the best time to hold the event. If you leave the event too late, they may have all of the things they already need for the baby and the mum-to-be might be in too much discomfort to enjoy herself.
  4. Consider the physical needs of the mum-to-be
    Expecting a baby puts significant physical pressure on the mum-to-be, especially if it is their first pregnancy. It is a good idea to find a venue for the shower closer to home, or even in their home or garden, to avoid additional stress.
  5. Consider the guest list
    Knowing who to invite to a baby shower could make or break the event. Ask the mum-to-be for a list of people who she would be keen to have in attendance. Too many people and it may be overwhelming; too few and it will certainly be a little less than exciting.
  6. Consider food and drink
    When organising a baby shower, it is vital to consider food and drink. Depending on your budget, you may ask guests to bring a dish each, like a potluck event, or you could organise catering. Whatever size or type of baby shower, it is essential to ensure you have sufficient food and drink, catering for too many rather than too few.
  7. Consider entertainment
    Games can make up the best part of a baby shower. One of our favourite games is guess the chocolate bar – melt different ones and smear onto the inside of the nappies… watching adults sniffing nappies is hilarious. Another fun game is to freeze tiny plastic babies into ice cubes. Give each person one in their drinks. The aim of the game is to melt the ice cube and allow the baby to break free. Once that happens, that person is the winner, but they need to shout, “Help! My waters have broken!”

Whatever kind of baby shower you organise, we hope that you have fun and the mum-to-be is spoilt rotten!