Who doesn’t love food? For me, it’s one of my favourite things in life and if I could choose any special superpower, it would be to eat without it negatively impacting my health.

If you love reading about food and trying new recipes, here are seven food blogs that you should follow:

  1. Just Average Jen

Incredibly, Jen lost over ten stone in just 16 months, going from a size 30 to a size 6. However, she quickly realised that the goal she had set herself did not come hand in hand with the happiness that she expected. Jen shares amazing Slimming World recipes, many vegetarian ones (she has not been a meat-eater for the majority of her life), some vegan ones and a range of other yummy meals and snacks, too. Aside from the recipes, most of which are simple to make but incredibly tasty, she also shares free resources to help with weight loss and wellbeing journeys. 

Visit Jen’s website here: https://www.justaveragejen.com/

  1. Real Girls Wobble – Cooking with Katrina

One of Katrina’s passions in life is for cookery, in particular, cooking from scratch. A self-confessed amateur, she aims to fuel her body, initially with the desire to lose weight, with fresh, wholesome meals. Although there aren’t hundreds of recipes to sift through on Katrina’s site, I feel that this is an advantage as it’s much easier to find something tasty to whip up. One of my favourites is the katsu chicken curry, which is scrummy!

Visit Katrina’s website here: https://realgirlswobble.com/cookery-with-katrina/

  1. Crumpets and Cocktails

Fiona is another fantastic foodie who has her own website. Like Katrina, food is a huge passion in her life, however, she used to be a chef, so has lots of culinary experience. Hailing from Somerset, Fiona tries to incorporate fresh, local ingredients into her meals. As well as sharing yummy recipes, she also gives hints and tips gathered from her work as a chef. 

Visit Fiona’s website here: https://crumpetsandcocktails.com/

  1. Katy Kicker

Mother of two, Katy, has so many recipes on her website, including standard ones for the oven or hob but also meals you can whip up using an air fryer or a slow cooker. The one that appealed to me first of all when I visited her website was the slow cooker chicken saag curry. I’m a huge fan of Indian curries, but even more so when they have spinach – give me saag aloo, saag paneer, saag bhaji… any saag dish! I have to say, it’s so easy and quick to prepare, saving lots of calories and fat compared to a takeaway one. Winner all round for dinner here!

Visit Katy’s website here: https://katykicker.com/

  1. Reduced Grub

Eating well on a budget can be challenging, but if you consult this blog for its wonderful recipes, reviews and fantastic money saving tips. In particular, the peanut butter and coconut curry looks delicious and I can’t wait to try it… even better news is that it’s a Slimming World recipe. 

Visit the Reduced Grub here: https://reducedgrub.com/

  1. Mrs Pinch

Real-life couple, Emma and Tony, work together on this fantastic blog that covers ways to eat well whilst being thrifty. Following challenging times, including fleeing South Africa and sometimes relying on foodbanks to get by, Emma vowed to work hard to avoid ending up in a similar situation ever again. Although there aren’t tonnes of recipes on here, the ones there are certainly both tasty and useful if money is tight. 

Visit Emma and Tony’s website here: https://mrspinch.com/category/recipes/

  1. Pesto and Margaritas

Last but not least, Pesto and Margaritas – two of the world’s greatest inventions, right? Well, this website is jam-packed with incredible looking food and drink created by husband and wife team, Angela (the creative writer) and Robert (the creative chef). The homemade strawberry shortcake recipe is to die for – not healthy by any means but certainly worth the calories. Enjoy!Visit Angela’s website here: https://pestoandmargaritas.com/