When it comes to modern technology, surely the remarkable invention of the mobile phone has got to top the list if you were asked to choose your favourite.

Its versatility would be why it’s top of mine. Think of how many apps are available for starters, and then there’s the fact that when you go out somewhere, you no longer have to carry both your phone and a camera with you. 

Here are our top seven most-used apps. I wonder if you share any of these in common with us.

  • Facebook

I’m sure that this will upset the younger generation as Facebook is apparently no longer the must-have social media platform, but it is my go-to app for my fix of news, gossip and memories. More importantly, my partner and I have several business pages on there, so it’s essential that we post regularly and check any unread messages. 

  • WhatsApp

“Can you bring me a water up when you come to bed?” “I’m going to switch off now and go to sleep. Love you xxx” “Would you like me to set an alarm for the morning?” Just a few of the messages that my partner and I send to each other when the other one is downstairs. I’m not quite sure what makes WhatsApp more appealing than iMessages, but it just seems to be better for us. 

  • Camera

I love the fact that I can snap away at any given moment with the camera app on my phone. The quality of the images is pretty decent, and I send photos of my girls regularly to friends and family in other parts of the country. While we were in lockdown, doing this was ideal for my parents to keep in close contact with their granddaughters beyond the usual video calls. 

  • Weather

Living in the UK, it’s fairly obvious that it’s a necessity to check the weather forecast at every available moment. Even during these supposedly beautiful summer months, it can change from sunny to dreary at the drop of a hat, and plans might need to be altered significantly. 

  • Headspace

I know there are tonnes of great things about Headspace, but we literally only use it for one thing: the sleepcasts. Lasting between 45 and 55 minutes each, they are calming, sleep-inducing guided tours of various locations. My eldest daughter really struggles to fall asleep. Sometimes, I feel as though it was easier having a newborn. Having tried several things, coming across these was like a lightbulb moment. The first time we tried them, she listened to a couple before finally dropping off, but thereafter, one was more than enough. We stayed at my partner’s parents’ house recently and she found the change of scenery, along with the noise from a local gypsy wedding, quite challenging to shut off from. The salon nights sleepcast was a perfect distraction for her.

  • BBC News

It’s important to keep abreast of local news issues when your works relates to it, so every time there’s an alert from the BBC News app, I click on it immediately. Breaking News is usually related to Covid-19 these days, so somewhat depressing. Therefore, if I know the story is going to be damaging to my mental health, I will only skim read it or ignore it completely.

  • NHS Covid-19

Taking my daughters to their swimming lessons or popping into the local library, I dutifully get out my phone and scan the QR code, checking into the venue. I’ve had a few possible Covid-19 contact tracing scares, with alerts pinging up on my phone and then seconds later telling me that it was nothing to worry about. Phew! Even though I’m now double jabbed, I can’t settle and worry about the pandemic situation. However, I still have and use the app whenever I need.