One of the most important things you need when you have your own business is a firm grip on the branding, ensuring it is consistent across the board. Here are seven ways in which you could improve yours.

  1. Be present on social media

When it comes to social media for your business, you cannot simply set up accounts on various social media platforms and expect the rest to take care of itself. Strategy is vital, and being present on a regular basis is a must. 

  1. Engage with your ideal clients

Posting regularly on social media is one thing. However, if clients, potential and existing, ask a question but do not receive a response, that silence is very telling. It would put a significant number of people off utilising your products or services. It is always wise to check back over your social media accounts and ensure you have responded in a timely manner. Likewise, if you have shared posts into local selling or discussion groups, for example, check those, too. 

  1. Be consistent online

Your brand relies on consistency. If the message you give on Facebook is vastly different to the one on your website, you mind find your potential clientele somewhat confused. If possible, ensure that your Twitter handle is the same as your Instagram one and that your profile pictures are the same across the platforms, too. Furthermore, consistency of the message you are hoping to get across to others is essential. Always reflect upon your core values and ensure these are retained within everything, from blog posts to tiny social media posts.

  1. Update your logo

Having a decent, striking logo is a must for all businesses. Many smaller enterprises choose a cheaper option to begin with and then soon regret it due to it looking somewhat unprofessional. If you wish to portray yourself as an elegant start-up, ensure that your logo has clean lines and sophisticated lettering. To attract a younger crowd, try tattoo style lettering font combined with bold combinations of colour. Whatever you choose, always keep your brand and ideal customers in mind. 

  1. Promote your products/services wisely

When you are hoping to reach a wider audience when promoting your products or services, it can be tempting to utilise anyone, near or far, to show your wares on social media, such as Instagram, where influencers are rife. However, if you choose someone a little unsavoury who perhaps will just jump from one promotional opportunity to another, your brand may suffer as a result. Consider who you wish to use your products and services, and then go for opportunities accordingly. 

  1. Use high-quality images

A decent smartphone can be a great asset to every business these days, if its camera is up to scratch. While we advocate using high-quality images within all your marketing, we do realise the limitations that many small businesses have. As such, think big but with a small budget. For example, grab a reasonably priced roller blind and use that as the background for some of your products. It can look amazing. Wallpaper samples are another cracking way of creating stunning images. 

  1. Add new content regularly

Finally, while you can get your branding spot on, if you are not updating your content and adding new things on a regular basis, you will not meet expectations. Try to post daily on social media and blog at least once a week.