People often discuss which celebrities they’d like to invite for dinner, so I thought I would share the celebrities that we each chose when the question was posed to each member of our family.

Imagine the following celebrities sitting around a table with us, slurping on a bowl of delicious soup, slicing up a steak and munching on a meringue. I reckon it would be a pretty hectic evening – perhaps resulting in at least one of hiding in the kitchen in a bid to have some down-time!

  1. Keith Moon

V has grown up listening to the Who her whole life and has been intrigued by the life and craziness of Keith Moon. Though he died way before she was born (well… only three and a bit years actually), she loves watching videos of him, drumming in his own unique way as well as demonstrating how he earned his nickname ‘Moon the Loon’. 

  1. Alan Turing

C possesses a problem-solving mind – not to the same degree as Alan Turing, but he focuses on things and has a unique way of working things out. So, it’s no surprise that he would like to invite Alan Turing over for a dinner party. Though I doubt there would be much conversation during the actual devouring of the food, Turing’s remarkable mind would certainly be fascinating to witness in person. 

  1. Jeff Bezos

H has a bit of an obsession when it comes to Amazon. With younger siblings, he often supports them in their play and role-play has led to a recreation of the company in our back garden. The playhouse became the main office from where H took on the role of Bezos. Ultimately, we all just want some of the wealth (stopping spending using the Amazon app might be a good place to start!), I reckon – so, maybe we could charge him for a ticket to attend our dinner party!

  1. Preston Stylez

C2 is a big fan of gaming and watching other people game on YouTube. When we asked what he wanted for Christmas last year, Preston stuff was the message that came through loud and clear. Who knew that someone could have so much merchandise? And that the cost of postage from the US would be so extortionate? We could have paid for an extra t-shirt or hoody the amount we spent! So, C2 would love to invite Preston Stylez over… yes, he’s allowed food, but really he will be sharing hints and tips on games.

  1. Oti Mabuse

I has been an enormous fan of Strictly Come Dancing for several years now. Each year, she creates a new scrapbook, featuring pictures from the newspaper of the celebrities and their dance partners as well as her own words about how they danced. I even went to see Darcey Bussell at a book signing and had her photo taken with her. So, when I asked who she wanted to invite over for a dinner party, anyone at all, Oti was the top name that popped up because she loves her style. During the first lockdown, we danced along to her on her Facebook Live videos, too. 

  1. Jojo Siwa

When I and E were a bit younger, they both loved to watch Dance Moms (as well as me!). Jojo was their favourite – the big bows, the OTT style, her attitude… so, when she toured the world, we bought tickets and surprised the girls with a trip to the O2. Ok, so she isn’t the best singer in the world, but the messages she conveys through her music, shows and social media (not that any of our kids have access just yet) are really important ones, ones we believe in, too. So, E immediately said Jojo when I asked who she’d like to invite. They’d do some karaoke together, singing Boomerang, I reckon. 

  1. Mister Maker

R is still a huge fan of programmes like Mister Maker – and who can blame her? Lots of people love being creative and his programme is so predictable and clever. So, she chose him. When I was little, Mister Maker was live at Butlin’s on one of our holidays, and he had bundles of energy and was very amusing. I can imagine this dinner party will be one filled with chaos and laughter!

Who would you invite to your celebrity dinner party?